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What is an Employee Pay Stub?

A pay stub is a piece of paper attached in some way to the relevant paycheck. It details the employer information, employee information, pay period dates, earnings, hours worked, and deductions taken out. This pay stub can be used for reference on taxes and in situations where proof of income is required — such as leasing a home or apartment.

In one sentence, what is the purpose of submitting this form?

The purpose of an employee pay stub is to provide employees with documentation and proof of their earnings for a certain pay period.

What information do you need in order to complete this form?

There are only a few pieces of information required to complete this form. This particular form is a pay stub for Canadian citizens. It is fairly straightforward to fill out, and can even be automated with billing software. To fill out a pay stub by hand you will need…

The full employer name. This is the name of the business itself, not the manager or person in charge. For example, if the employee is working at a limited liability corporation called “Tom’s Burgers”, the employer name is “Tom’s Burgers LLC”.

The full physical address and telephone number of the employer.

The full legal name of the employee, and their physical address.

The complete SIN for the employer -- though this varies depending on location. A SIN, or Social Insurance Number, is the number given to employees in Canada to determine their government benefits.

The date that the pay period ended, and the date that the employee was paid. Occasionally these dates will be different, for example, employees may be paid a week after their pay period actually ended.

The total earnings, rate at which the earnings were paid, hours worked, current earnings for the month, and total earnings for the year.

The gross pay (pay before deductions) for the paycheck, the gross pay for the current month, and the gross pay for the entire year to date.

Federal and provincial tax deductions for the pay period, current month, and year to date.

Total Employee Insurance (EI) deductions for the pay period, current month, and year to date.

Total Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) deductions for the pay period, current month, and year to date.

Any other deductions including room and board.

The total amount of deductions for all deduction fields filled out.

Net pay after deductions for the pay period, current month, and year to date.


Who is the intended recipient of this form?

Both the employee and employer must receive these forms for legal purposes. Employees are advised to keep the pay stubs they receive in case of pay disputes or for proof of income.

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Hi folks Dave Waring here again with and today×39’lesson off the Darin today's video we#39’re going to continue our series on how to hire and manage with a look at the basics of payroll and how to pay your employees so let's get started one of the advantages of working with independent contractors is that you simply write a check and it×39’s contractors responsibility to pay taxes. If you decide to hire employees however then you are required by the federal government most state governments and some local governments to withhold taxes from their paycheck and remit those funds to the appropriate tax authorities. In many instances companies will also withhold or deduct money for things such as insurance premiums and IRA contributions there are three options for doing payroll: 1. Do it yourself2. Hire part-time accountant or 3. Use a payroll software solution. For most small businesses we think payroll software offers the best combination of efficiency and cost Intuit's full service payroll solution which is popular among many small businesses cost $79 a month plus $2for each employee paid using the system after initially setting up your payroll software the process of paying your employees should take less than an hour per week. Your payroll software should let you do the following: calculate employee gross pay, calculate employee take-home pay after income taxes FICA and deductions for things like health insurance retirement and child support pay employees by printing out checks are making a direct deposit fill out and submit required paperwork for federal state and local income taxes send electronic payments to the tax authorities regardless of whether you use payroll software or some other method for handling your payroll in many instances you will need a way to keep track of the hours that your employees work in order to calculate gross pay how should you keep track of employee hours if you have a few employees with little variation and hours from week to week you might use a Google or Excel spreadsheet for tracking hours×39’ve included a link to a free excel timesheet template in the resources link below this video if you have lots of employees and or the hours they workverythere are a number of free and paid software solutions available time offers the ability for employees to check in and out of work from assigned computers which might be very useful if you×39’re dealing wit lots off new employees that might not always be punctual about showing up at their assigned hours for a top-of-the-line solution with tremendous functionality and customer support consider replica. Com dealing with over time depending on nohow many hours and employee works per week or per day you may owe them overtime pay for companies covered by federal labor laws which are companies with over 500 k and sales and or that are involved in interstate commerce you will need to pay most employees 1.5 times their hourly rate for every hour...
What is pay stub template?
A pay stub form is a template used by an employer to provide detailed information about an employee's paycheck. ... It also lists the pay period, the date that pay was issued, information about gross earnings, deductions taken from the pay (such as various federal and state taxes), and the amount issued as pay.
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